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Story 41

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Free Willy

As you enter the shield entry point for Ularos X, your comm system chimes. Always worried about what Bic might say to their Customs and Border Protection, you hurry up and answer the comm yourself.

“This is the Captain of this vessel, how may I be of assistance.”

With no preamble, the clearly bored Customs Officer jumps straight into his questions, “What is the purpose of your trip?”

“We just need to refuel and pick up some more supplies at one of your starports.”

“How long do you intend to stay?”

“We’ll probably be here just a night or two, depending on how long it takes to resupply.”

“Are you involved with, or part of, a terrorist organization?”

“No, but does anyone ever say, ‘Yes’?”

“Occasionally people say, ‘Yes’ as a joke, but since my sense of humor was surgically removed as a pup, I then detain them for several hours while grilling them with additional inane questions. Just transmit me a copy of your ship’s manifest and you’re good to go.”

– – – –

As soon as you’re out of sight of the shield entry point, Bic tosses you $3,000 credits and starts working to enable E.D.I.T.H.. After a few minutes all the holo projectors kick in and transform your hull to look like an XS-42 Ilex ship.

Just as planned, you land near the Ilex prison that Bic had requested. Just before Bic disembarks, your first officer hands him a small insulated bag and Bic looks at her questioningly.

“It’s a packed lunch including peanut butter crackers, a juice box, a snack pack, and a utensil.”, is your first officer’s answer to the unasked question.

Bic looks around as if searching for a camera and then smiles. He then takes off at a jog and in the distance you hear him shout, “Spork!”.

Besides the 3,000 credits that Bic payed, you also earn 1 fame point. Three rounds from now listen to Story 42.