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It’s not so much that I brought a stone to a sword fight…

So a health insurance plan with a four letter name is actively mistreating us. They have a commercial plan that individuals and small businesses have been purchasing through the health exchanges that is making a dramatic change to their pharmacy network. They are removing independent pharmacies, like us, from their network and they have sent letters to the various people in those plans telling customers to transfer to a different pharmacy. It is worth pointing out that if you did not receive a letter, you are probably not affected.
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Small Business Saturday

This Saturday is a day when you are encouraged to utilize the services and products of various small businesses like ours. This make me think about when our business was first getting started over 6 years ago. One of my friends arranged for flowers to be sent to mark the occasion and wish the Shannon and I luck.

The flowers duly arrived at our new business and and when we read the accompanying card we found it said, “Rest in Peace”.

I gave my friend a call and told him what the card read. He was really angry and called the florist to complain.

After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist said, “Sir, I’m really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should consider this… somewhere there’s a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying, ‘Congratulations on your new location.’”

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A turkey sat on a barnyard fence…

So my in-laws (not to be mistaken with the out laws) have this fantastically awful tradition of singing a turkey song that I’m pretty sure they collectively made up. I have, in more recent years, seen others perform it on YouTube and yet it somehow misses the simultaneously comedic and melancholy way that they perform it. Without any further ado hear are the lyrics to the song:

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Guys, I need prayer for a friend of mine.

He only believes 12.5% of the Bible. He told me he is an eighth theist.

We just finished building a prayer wall at Lost and Found. We want to encourage you to read the prayers on the wall and pray about them. We also want you to place your own prayers on the wall with the knowledge that others will then be praying for you.

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Do Transformers get car insurance or health insurance?

I loved Transformers as a kid, but their toys were out my parents’ price range when I was growing up. I did have a couple Gobots and I used to pretend that my tinker toys could make cool Transformers, but that fantasy always fell flat the moment one of my friends would show up with Optimus Prime or Starscream. Now as a middle aged adult I’m well passed complaining about how expensive toys are. Now I complain about the cost of health insurance. My 2023 health insurance premiums went up 40% but I’m expecting to pay 30% less than the previous year. I won’t have any money left for food or mortgage so I’ll probably die half way through the year.

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Why did the phone wear glasses?

Because it lost its contacts.

Some of you may have noticed that we are temporarily having some phone problems. We actually use VOIP phones which has specific requirements from our internet connection. Our internet service provider has, unfortunately, broken our phones. We are in the process of making some changes to get everything working correctly again, but it will like take till the 18th to complete. In the meantime we have all of our phone lines forwarded to just one cellphone. We are trying our best to respond to everyone as quickly as possible, and we appreciate everyone’s continued patience while we manage this process.

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Wabbit Season…Duck Season…

We have had lots of opportunity to be a blessing to those struggling with the Medicare Gap! This month alone we have helped approximately 70 community members that have fallen into the gap. That is in addition to all the other things we do to try and help including our essential meds, our work with the Sheep Clinic, and even just helping people get meds for less than their copays. We’ve helped multiple cancer patients save over a thousand dollars each this month just by providing them meds at our cost instead of the price their insurance requested.