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Can you buy an entire chess set in a pawnshop?

So I am super excited for this upcoming board game night! I have been making an overly complicated expansion for an overly complicated board game. Anyone that knows me probably realizes that it makes sense. While making this expansion, I needed some additional game pieces. I walked into a board game shop and met a very pedantic clerk. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: I want a dice.
Clerk: The correct term is ‘die’.
Me: I want 2 die.
Clerk: Plural is dice, alone it’s die.
Me: I want 2 die alone.

What followed was a lot of confused blinking from the clerk.

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How do I love thee? Let me quantify the ways.

I really appreciate Valentine’s Day as I am head over heels in love with my wife. As a former math teacher, I often try to put my love for her in various scientific measurements.


In geometry I would think of my wife as being an angle that is less than 90° so I can call her acute! Hopefully, that joke wasn’t overly obtuse!

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The Great Chocolate Heist

In 2017, a refrigerated trailer containing 20 tons of Nutella and Kinder Surprise eggs was stolen in the German town of Neustadt. The thieves got away with over $70,000 worth of chocolate and chocolate spread. Now all of that coffee colored confectionery treat could be considered hot chocolate.

Yes, stolen chocolate is how I decided to introduce our coming month of chocolate. Every year we celebrate February marking it as a time for everyone to indulge in one of the most beloved of sweets including chocolate-covered Oreos and Oreo truffles, chocolate peanut butter bark, and more!

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Our upcoming movie is The Princess Bride, but that true story above reminds me of something that someone shared with me the other day. One of our customers came in looking for simethicone to help her with her flatulence problem. She said when she farted the other day and her coworker had to open a window. Since I know she is a flight attendant, that had to be really bad!