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Wabbit Season…Duck Season…

We have had lots of opportunity to be a blessing to those struggling with the Medicare Gap! This month alone we have helped approximately 70 community members that have fallen into the gap. That is in addition to all the other things we do to try and help including our essential meds, our work with the Sheep Clinic, and even just helping people get meds for less than their copays. We’ve helped multiple cancer patients save over a thousand dollars each this month just by providing them meds at our cost instead of the price their insurance requested.

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You may think it’s disgusting…but it’s LEGO SNOT!

We have lots of activities coming up including a Lost and Found field trip, our first rom-com movie, and a LEGO SNOT competition.

This Tuesday Lost and Found will be at the Penn Hills Senior Center talking about medication compliance and different strategies and systems that can be employed. It will hopefully be more fun than the field trip when my fifth grade class went to a funeral home. When we got there the funeral director attempted to open with a joke

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The Craft Show is This Saturday

Our Third Annual Craft Show is this Saturday (8/13/22) from 9AM – 2PM. Of course, organizing this craft show reminds me of the time I had the really unusual opportunity to organize Dwayne Johnson’s craft room. Unfortunately, I lost his scrapbook cutting tool. That’s right, I lost the Rock’s paper scissors. Hopefully I will still be able to find my scissors when this craft show is done

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One of our crafters only wants to make miniature Jesus figurines.

Apparently he only wants to make a small prophet!

We are getting ready for our Third Annual Craft Show on August 13th. You should definitely sign up as we already have some great tables including a ‘Make and Take’ jewelry table, beautiful wooden pens, someone that has already pre-sold 28 cooling scarves, and more!

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