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Story 22

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The Rivening

In front of you is a surreal image of a burned out dead planet that has an exposed core and your guidance system is overlaying anomalous gravity wells surrounding this desolate looking place. 

As you continue to just stare for another moment, you hear your first officer practically whisper one word, “Rivening.”

You simply nod, as you know she must be right.

There are old rumors of a cursed dead world, to which cursed seemed redundant to you, but this blackened planet is cracked from some great force and the planet has neither broken apart nor healed over time. The strange gravity fields surrounding it are likely the reason why it hasn’t been rended asunder. According to your scans, ember and excavation opportunities abound. Yet, this sector is unstable even for the Drift System. 

At the end of every round, roll a 20-sided die and change its location with the spawn point sector closest to your roll (ties go the higher number, and a 20 causes a re-roll). Anything on the tiles move along with them, and the tiles remain oriented in their original directions.