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Story 55

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Exotic Exhibits, Conclusion

As you enter the old man’s office, you notice a large aquarium tank that has been added. His back is to you as he is looking intensely at some type of turtle that is nearly half a meter long with large claws and green algae growing on top of its head and shell. It also has bright, almost luminescent, blue eyes.

“I am glad that the rumors of your demise have been greatly exaggerated. Come look at this amazing specimen.”

You move alongside the old man, “This remarkable fellow can stay underwater for three days.”

“How does he do that?”, you inquire.

“Why don’t you give me your best guess, first”

“Does the algae growing on him help him to filter oxygen out of the water?”

“Excellent guess! Wrong, but excellent guess. This guy actually has bimodal respiration and can breathe through his cloaca when under water! It’s an amazing adaptation. This creature probably went extinct more than half a millenia ago, and thanks to your willingness to retrieve this guy’s genetic material on the Aether Processing Station here he is living and breathing once more.”

“Apparently through his genitals.”, you quip.

“I have wired the rest of the money to you, and know that your fame for helping us acquire so many rare, and even extinct, species will give you renown within certain segments of societies for generations to come.”

Receive the credits promised to your ship and crew along with 3 fame points.