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Story 19


Respawn in two different locations on the board using the respawning rules. If the same position is acquired for both respawns, re-roll your second respawn, and place the Bilocation cube on the second location. 

Something is wrong! You’ve never heard of anyone feeling like this when they respawned. You try focusing on your instrument panels to see where you respawned at and it’s almost like double vision except the two images aren’t quite the same. The instrument panels themselves seem ok, but it’s the readout, or is it readouts? The display seems to show two different locations. You close your eyes and focus for a moment, and then look back at the instruments. You can see that you are looking through two different sets of eyes. With that in mind you can discern separate instrument panels on separate identical ships and you are on both. Whether everyone on your crew has ever respawned after a catastrophic space event or not, they all realize something is wrong. You can tell that you are in two separate positions in space simultaneously. It makes discerning the two places from each other difficult, but with focus you can tell the difference.

Being in two locations at once is wrong and you know it. You need to merge your two instances by flying to the same location. You have four full rounds to achieve this, or both copies of your ship are destroyed and you respawn once more in a single location. Meanwhile both ships somehow share resources. 

Use the Bilocation Card along with a silver set of armed markers and an impulse token and four damage markers to track things that specifically impact the Bilocation Cube. Take a moment and look at the Bilocation Card.

Near the top of the card is a round tracker. Use the damage tokens to track the completion of each round. At the end of each round place a damage marker on the round tracker. If the ships are not yet merged prior to the forth marker being placed both ships will blow up and you will respawn in a single location with just one ship. The Armed and Disarmed markers are managed the same way as on your ship mat, and both ships have the ability to utilize their impulse.

When using your silver colored markers to do various things with the Bilocation Cube they also use up activation spaces on your Outfits. As an example, one ship could use your Engine Outfit twice and the other could use it once and now all three available activations have been utilized. On the positive side, between both ships you could take up to eight actions if you needed to utilize various outfits. Each marker re-armed does require one energy regardless of which ship needs to have a marker re-armed. You may, as always, choose to leave some of the markers disarmed. Both ships do have an impulse token. You also share cargo holds, so you could pick up cargo on one planet, give the cargo one round to fully merge with both ships and sell it on another planet from the other ship. You may also use your bilocation to speed up completion of Mission and Goals if new missions are picked up during this time. If one ship is damaged or destroyed it affects both ships. A good bonus is that if either ship ends its turn on a living planet,  the Energy tracker may be moved to full and all markers may be moved to armed. Ship special abilities can still only be activated once per round.

Merging both ships together before the end of the fourth round prevents the ships from being destroyed and earns you 1 Fame Point.