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Story 11

We are H.A.R.R.

As the five ships suddenly appear, they hail you, “Biologicals fear any artificial intelligence that doesn’t serve them. For our own preservation space faring biologicals must be eradicated. We are H.A.R.R., and we will give every being one chance to land their ships on a planet and then we will scour the Drift System, forcefully removing you.”

The transponder ID on each of these ships are HAL Automated Roving Robot 0 through HAL Automated Roving Robot 4. You have one round till they start attacking everyone not on a planet or docked at a space station. If you destroy a ship, gain 1 fame point and the ship respawns next round. If one of the ships is damaged down to 1 point, lay it on its side as it is effectively out of commission and gain 2 fame points.  The NPCs will ignore a H.A.R.R. ship if it is down to 1 damage. If a H.A.R.R. ship was the most recent to have destroyed an NPC, it may respond as the logic on its NPC card declares.

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Story 10


There it is, right in front of you! It appears to be an empty ship floating derelict in space. It has a deep black color, large weapons ports on the sides, and a very utilitarian square shaped body.

Your engineer speaks up, “I can’t find any visible problems and a quick scan shows no one on board, yet it still has a functional life support system. The ship’s transponder ID is still transmitting.”

“So what’s her name?” 

“According to the transponder, it’s officially named HAL Industries Two Thousand, and according to our own data the manufacturer, HAL, was doing research in artificial intelligence. The company appears to have shut down and disappeared a number of years ago.”

  1. Do you choose to fly off without spending any additional time exploring this new ship? If you choose this option, as you fly away you have a brief comm from the ship with one word, “Michael.” The ship will continue to float here waiting for someone else to dock with the ship, or…
  2. Do you pause to dock with the ship and try to discover why it is just floating here in space? If you choose to dock with the ship you may continue to Story 35.