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Story 37

You said, “Yes.”

A small space lab suddenly appears adjacent to your ship. The transponder ID suddenly pings and it lists as ‘Merv’s Missiles or Arken’s Arsenal’. Please come over and dock with my lab. 

Once onboard, the scientist explains, “I’m selling this so cheaply because I need more data from field testing, some funds for more supply, and…  there is still a safety concern over whether or not the high levels of electromagnetic radiation that it emits can cause long term physiological problems.”

After completing the sale and installing the cloaking device, the space lab once again disappears.

When activated, the cloaking device lasts till the beginning of your next round. If you do leave it active at the end of your turn you will not be able to re-arm that marker and at the beginning of your turn you will need to take 1 unblockable damage. You can fly , shoot, explore, use shields, utilize various gadgets and scan while cloaked. However, there are limitations. You can not buy, sell, trade, dock with space stations, or utilize mission points while cloaked. While cloaked, you must write down very accurately your starting point, where all you have gone, and what your final stopping point is.

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Story 5

Cloaking device

Your comm crackles to life, ‘I have a unique offer for you.’ 

You accept the comm and your view screen comes on showing someone that is probably technically still human, kind of. He is clearly older, but his nose is either extremely up turned or partially missing with larger than usual nostrils. He has a third eye grafted into the middle of his forehead that seems to move independently of his other two eyes, but most striking is his brain covered by a clear dome. It appears to be an amalgamation of organic bits and technology. You can see his gray matter with lots of filaments and pulsing lights throughout it. There is also some sort of semi-viscous fluid inside the dome that appears to be slowly swirling. Despite the slack jawed response from everyone, this bizarre visage continues on with his spiel. ‘With my vast intellect I have created an advanced piece of cloaking technology, but it’s gonna cost you 1,000 cr. Are you interested?’

No: Then this card goes back in the deck for someone else to possibly gain it later.

Yes: Proceed to Story 37.