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Story 2

SS Loathsome

As you look out your ship’s view port at the vast emptiness of Lost Space, at first you assume it is devoid of anything else. Then, to your surprise, you notice what looks like a derelict ship silently floating in the distance. Further scans reveal dozens of people on board but in cryosleep and the name on the hull of the vessel is SS Loathsome.

“Wade, what do we know about a vessel with the call sign SS Loathsome?”

“According to our ship’s database the Loathsome was launched over a century ago from Loath when it was still a prison colony.” Wade continues scanning down his screen. “According to this, it looks like these were the criminals that their jailers thought were so dangerous that they were afraid to even have them around for hard mining labor. Unfortunately for the jailers, some of these prisoners had already set the groundwork for the colony to be overthrown.”

Now what do you do? Your options are thus:

  1. You can dock with the ship to thaw out its inhabitants that will demand that you tow them to the closest Outlaw planet (a demand you must keep or they will likely kill your crew and steal your engines) (receive 2 fame points, gain outlaw status, +2,000 credit bounty)
  2. You can just leave them floating in space while still in cryosleep. (0 Fame Points) This option means that the SS Loathsome will still be floating in Lost space allowing others to choose how to interact with this cryoship.
  3. You can leave them asleep and tow them to Kemplar II allowing their justice system to deal with them. (1 Fame Point)
  4. You can take vigilante justice into your own hands and blow it up while everyone is still asleep, which only requires 4 damage as there are no functional shields on the SS Loathsome. (1 fame point and gain outlaw status)

Clarifications: When towing another ship, cut movement in half rounded down, and the ship being towed is in an adjacent space to your ship. Another player could come and attack and destroy the SS Loathsome while you are towing it.