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Story 42

The planet formerly known as Ularos X

A system wide comm comes in and you nod for it to be played on the view screen. Bic ,with blue and white face paint, appears on your screen. 

“The potato of justice looked me in the eye and found me lacking, although not in pyridoxine (which a potato is a good source of), but in the starch necessary for my collar to stand up to the injustice of the Ilex perpetrated on those from the world of Tig. That starchy tuber convicted me of my shortcomings. Today, I had the pleasure of helping those from Tig push back the tyranny of the Ilex and re-establish their own self governance. Today I enjoy a diet rich in potatoes.”

Your screen fades out. Ularos X reverts back to the authority of the Neutral government and is once again known as Tig. The Avenger NPC remains in play and continues to hairy Ilex ships or those that have visited Ilex planets. 

Your ship receives a private text only message from Bic, “I have convinced the Neutral governments to permanently remove your ship from any registry that shows you as having visited an Ilex planet.”

Remove your Ilex token and gain an additional fame point. Also, remove the Ularos X overlay from Tig.