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Story 9


Something in space suddenly shifts and you see everything around you ripple. One of your crewmen stumbles slightly.

“What was that?”

Your comm officer responds, “An unknown anomaly has occurred and people all over the quadrant are reporting a vertigo sensation, and some ships have reported a sudden and unexplained coordinate change.”

All ships currently on a spawn point suddenly find themselves someplace completely different. Any player or NPC currently on a spawn point must roll a d20 and go to whatever number they rolled. If the number is not out yet, the player that drew this card must sift through any remaining tiles to find the appropriate spawn point and use any legal position for it to connect to the board. That NPC or player will spawn there. If a 20 is rolled, the player will go to the spawn point beside Nyr. The active player may choose to fly through a spawn point this turn, but doing so initiates a d20 roll.

After the active player’s turn this anomaly dissipates.

Clarification: If the Wormhole Event is already in play, this Encounter supersedes it for a single turn.