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Story 33

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So you rolled a 1-10 (on Story 4)

Suddenly a blindingly bright light surrounds your ship in every direction. You feel overwhelmingly nauseous, and as you and the rest of your crew all start purging, your vision starts to create a halo effect around the interior lights and you have an incredible migraine. Despite your pain and roiling gut, you can see the radiation counter on your display is spiking through the roof. One of these old derelict ships must have used nuclear weapons and you’ve just set one off!

As the initial light of the blast starts to fade, you also see a flickering green aurora lingering around the magnetic fields created by all this old space debris. Your ship takes 1d6 damage (no opportunity to block it). Place the radiation token on the spot where your ship is positioned. From now on, anyone that passes through that space their ship will take 1d4 damage (blockable with shields).