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Story 34

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So you rolled an 11-20 (on Story 4)

Somehow, you managed to avoid setting off the old space mine. Your scanners show that it is nuclear in nature. You have several options:

  1. You could just leave the mine there for the next guy. Place this card back in the Encounters deck to potentially come out again later.
  2. You could move to a distance and detonate it with your ship’s weapons. It will create a nuclear zone that causes 1d4 damage (blockable with shields) anytime anyone passes throughout. Place the radiation marker there. (1 Fame Point)
  3. You could tractor on to your ship and have your engineer and your munitions expert spend the rest of the turn disarming it. (1 Fame Point)
  4. You could tractor it on board your ship and save it for a time that you find useful. At some point you can rig a quick timer on it, drop it in space, and create a permanent nuclear zone, making it more dangerous for others to go through that area that you will mark with a radioactive token. That space will cause 1d4 damage (blockable by shields).

Note: This radiation zone only functions to heal the Space Kraken if it encounters this space. Roll a d4 to see how much health the Space Kraken regains.