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Story 45

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Smuggler’s Den

An old man with many tattoos and an unscrupulous look upon his face looks you over. “Da, I know lots about man made biological weapons. I may or may not have implemented some before to help with specific contracts, but this spreads too easily and doesn’t kill quickly enough to be something I would make. If I make a virus I want it to act quickly and then for it to die quickly without a viable host. A virus like this is likely to eventually backfire and one day kill its own handlers.” 

The tattooed senior continues, “My grandparents were born on Loath over a century ago, back when it was still a forced labor camp. Their parents had committed crimes to land them on Loath, but my grandparents had never done anything wrong other than to be born. When they were old enough they were forced to work in the mines as well. My Grandpa always got a twinkle in his eye when he talked about the day that all the prisoners revolted and claimed Loath for themselves. It is good story and it is true story that my grandparents were amongst the first free people of those that actually claimed Loath as home.” 

“For the memory of my grandparents I will work hard to save a free Loath. Here are my notes on how I would try and engineer such a virus and the most likely ways to have it introduced in so many places simultaneously. Use this information and save my people.”

Remove a virus token from your hold, and replace it with the red triple helix token. This represents the data collected from Smuggler’s Den. It may be taken to Merv’s Missiles or Arken’s Arsenal at any time. Gain 1 fame point when you deliver it to Merv’s Missiles or Arken’s Arsenal.