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Story 46

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Ularos IX

“We Ilex have a desire for conquest dating back to when we first ventured into the black ocean back in our own solar system. With all of our collective adventures to various hostile planets, we’ve probably been exposed to and seen more diseases than you can imagine. Our government’s willingness to share data with the rest of the drift system is an incredible gift to all the sentient beings in this region.”

When the Ilex virologist pauses for a moment, you take the opportunity to interject, “Does that mean that you already have a cure for this disease?”

“Not yet, but me and my cohorts will figure it out eventually. Maybe one or two of the planets in this drift system would die first, but this virus has yet to take hold on our planet.”

You decide to lob a comment out there and see how he reacts. “Some people have accused the Ilex of designing this disease to wipe out some of the planets aiding in your desire for conquest.”

The Ilex makes either a scoffing noise or has a hairball, “Our great pack may be many things, but attacking with a virus has never been our style. Look at Tig. We declared our intentions, just many didn’t think we would actually try and carry through with it. No, I doubt my people would be the ones to attack with a disease, especially one that could eventually cause us harm.”

Remove a virus token from your hold, and replace it with the gold triple helix token. This represents the data collected from Ularos IX. It may be taken to Merv’s Missiles or Arken’s Arsenal at any time. Gain 1 fame point when you deliver it to Merv’s Missiles or Arken’s Arsenal.