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Story 48

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The cure

“So Doc, now that you’ve got all the data what’s next?”, you inquire.

“I know that I have been asking the solar system to refer to me as Dr. Arken, but that was to help the plebeian masses to trust me. You though, in many ways, are my coworkers and I prefer the informal use of my given name, Merv. The data you have provided has given the Drift System a shot at fighting off this virus. I have been working diligently on both a cure and a delivery method and that last bit of data you delivered finalizes what I need to do. You are going to need to shoot missiles at each of the planets.”


“These missiles won’t have destructive warheads on them, they are going to contain the RNA based therapy that I’ve designed to fight this new virus. Because the virus uses just about any animal or insect as a host, we need to treat everything. These bio missiles I’ve developed will make it possible to spread the treatment across the upper atmosphere and then it will work its way down to the ground, where hopefully a majority of species will receive a sufficient dose of the RNA for their bodies to create the necessary antibodies and fight off the SARS-39.”

“Are there any health concerns in using this treatment?”

“Of course there are, but the alternative is potential mass extinction of all terrestrial life on the planet. Whatever the side effects end up being, they are an acceptable cost.”

“Now, for you to deliver these BIO-Missiles you will need some sort of missile armament on your ship already, and then each BIO-Missile you purchase will cost you1,000 credits, however each infected planet that you treat is offering 5,000 credits. The BIO-Missiles are single use missiles.”

When treating a planet, immediately remove all SARS-CoV-39 tokens from the planet, gain 5,000 credits and 1 fame point.