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Story 49

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Master of Puppets

“Thank you for allowing us to visit.”, intones your engineer.

The puppet beside him mimics, “Thank you for allowing us to visit.”

“Oh are you just going to copy everything I say?”

The puppet also says, “Oh are you just going to copy everything I say?”.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Your hand!”

The audience on board the colony ship laughs. Luckily your comm officer had the script in advance so she could tweak the universal translator. The people on board would notice if you slipped away, so you leave it to your navigator with three days worth of stubble to leave instead with his shaving kit. Hopefully the Strayons just chalk it up to being an oddity of your species. While looking for a restroom, your navigator will also take this opportunity to go visit the cryogenics bank in the genetics lab and make a withdrawal. It was really nice that the senior officers greeted you and offered your crew a tour of the ship prior to the show, now your navigator knows exactly where to go. Hopefully the decryption device from your ship is up to the challenge of getting you into the lab, but security seems relatively lax as this feels more like a civilian science vessel.

Let’s see how much material your navigator can get into his shaving cream canister.

Once you return to the Space Zoo you will receive ([d4]+2)x1,000 credits along with your next job provided you make it within three rounds. Otherwise, the coolant system in the shaving cream canister will fail and all the genetic material will be permanently lost.

When you return to the Space Zoo, listen/read Story 50.