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Story 57

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Exotic Exhibits

You agree to be tractored in and soon find yourself docked at the Space Zoo. As you disembark from your ship, you notice signs advertising various exhibits such as the Loath Land Apes, Mono-horns from Neo Damascus, and the Giant Isopods of Lunari. It would be fascinating to explore all of these if time allowed, but you were summoned here for a specific reason. Before you can contemplate further, a man with a snowy beard, dressed in a loose white button down shirt, khaki pants, a straw hat and a unique looking cane waves at you from across the landing bay.

“It is an exciting day, an exciting day indeed. Follow me to my office and I’ll go over the details of my offer.” As you follow him, he continues his enthusiastic explanation, “I have spared no expense in starting this zoo. What we have here is the largest zoo in the entire Drift System, with animals from various Lawful, Neutral, and Outlaw planets. We function as a preserve for various rare species and a way to spark the imaginations of children and adults across the Drift System. However, I want to go one step further.”

With that statement hanging in the air, he steps into his office and waves for you to follow him in. Once the door is closed, he continues, “I want species that have never even been seen by people that don’t live on a specific planet, maybe even some species that have never been in the Drift System at all. This could be quite the lucrative opportunity for you, are you interested in helping?”

If the Captain and crew of the ship experiencing this Encounter are primarily Human or Ilex, read/listen to Story 67.

If the Captain and crew of the ship experiencing this Encounter are primarily Strayon, read/listen to Story 68.