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Story 60

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Black Market Drugs

“All the people on this stuff seem kind of creepy. Always happy and smiling even when they walk into a room and see this lot.” He waves his hand at all the guys he’s got working for him. All of them have tattoos, loose clothing, various blades, and a whole lot of firearms. “I’ll be glad when we’re done selling out of this stuff. I can sell you 3 stands worth for 1,000 credits, 6 stands for 2,000 credits, and well you can do the math from there. There’s a lot of demand for this stuff, and once it’s gone we won’t be getting anymore since STARKe went belly up.”

You can tell by his disinterested demeanor that he is not looking to negotiate. This is clearly a take it or leave it scenario. Purchase as much or as little Volomin as you want/can afford and keep track of how much time you have till your comm officer runs out of Volomin.

You can still try to get counterfeit Volomin from Kei (Story 61) or have experimental surgery performed by Merv Arken (Story 62).

If you run out of Volomin for your comm officer, listen to/read Story 59.