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Story 61

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Upon landing on Kei, it hardly takes any time to find a group selling counterfeit Volomin. Soon you and your Comm officer find yourselves in a conference room. Sitting across from you is a salesman in nice business attire. 

“We always knew that the guys we had performing corporate espionage at STARKe pharmaceuticals would pay off. They gave us detailed information on how STARKe created their various nanoparticles and now we use a very similar means for creating them here. We are set to be a long term supplier of Volomin; however, it will always have a limited market as there are no new Volomin patients. We are set to sell you enough drug that every two stands costs 1,000 credits or a full stanyear for 5,000 credits.”

You speak up, “That seems a little higher than I expected.”

“This is a high end market, the only counter offer I would be allowed to provide is that you have your comm officer come work for us. These guys on Volomin are always happy and we build it into their contract that as long as they work as our employees part of their pay is specifically used to provide them with Volomin.”

If you buy some Volomin, keep track of how much time you have till your comm officer runs out of Volomin. This does not preclude you from making a one time purchase at Smuggler’s Den (Story 60), future purchases here, or eventual surgery with Merv Arken (Story 62).

If you choose to let your comm officer become an employee of this drug cartel, you may choose to do so and this story arc ends here.