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Story 67

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Exotic Exhibits the Offer

“How much are we talking about, and how flexible would my morals have to be?”

“These are victimless crimes, but these are technically crimes. However the remuneration is quite generous for all three jobs. If you do well enough, they could earn up to 20K and sleep well with the knowledge that they have enhanced the lives of visitors to our zoo for generations to come.”

“I’m at least interested so what’s the job?”

The bearded man opens a drawer and takes out a metal box, opening it to reveal a can of shaving cream.

“Sorry, but that’s not my brand.”

“This isn’t just shaving cream.” declares your potential employer. “The bottom screws open. It’s cooled and compartmentalized inside to hold various DNA samples. There’s enough coolant for three stands in this canister once activated. Customs can even inspect it.” While declaring this last bit, he sprays some shaving cream onto two of his fingers. “What you need to do is take this on board the Strayos Colony Ship and obtain a set of genetic materials from their home world for various animals they are considering to populate their new planet with. The more material you can obtain the better.”

“How are we supposed to get on board?”

“The Strayons have been in space for a long time. While they have a rich past, they are looking for cultural exchanges and entertainment. You could probably come up with something along those lines to get on board their colony ship. Once you’re onboard, it’s up to you to figure out how to obtain the samples.”

If you take the job, read/listen to Story 49 when you dock with the Strayos Colony Ship.

If you don’t take the job leave the shaving cream and continue on your way. Discard this encounter card.

Clarification: Three stands translates into three rounds. You would have three rounds to return to the Space Zoo after completing the task of collecting the DNA samples.