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Story 66

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A diplomatic mission

As you disembark from your vessel onto the landing deck you are surprised by the wide array of ship configurations that you’ve never seen before and even more surprising are some of the aliens working on the deck. While there are some that you’ve seen holovids of from other systems, there are also those that are unidentifiable. There are some humans, you see a B’tor with the ability to use all four limbs like arms, as their feet have functioning thumbs, actively working on an engine nacelle and even a couple of Zhian with their scale covered skin, but there is also a large creature that stands well over 2 meters tall and weighs at least 300 kilos with rough looking gray skin and horns on its face, a floating pink cloud that appears to be conversing with a small furry creature less than half a meter tall with a bushy tail. Among the crowded deck, you even see a couple of creatures covered in chitin with compound eyes, mandibles, a proboscis according to your old half-remembered bio lessons, four arms, and dressed in utilitarian gray outfits.

The sight before you was like nothing you had ever seen in your years of space travel. The landing deck was a bustling hub of activity, filled with a multitude of alien species going about their tasks. You take a moment to observe the diverse creatures around you, marveling at the sheer variety of life forms present. The large gray skinned creature wearing some sort of formal looking robe approaches you and your crew.

In a deep sonorous voice befitting the size of his frame, he declares, “I am Ambassador Zonax Tazik. Some of us on Aeon Station are excited that you have chosen to dock with us and at least listen to our request.”

“I couldn’t help but notice the word, ‘Some’. I take it that means there are also some that are not excited by our presence?”

“In our general assembly, not all parties view the people of your home world as someone they trust to confer with; however, a two-thirds majority of the gathered ambassadors did view the pursuit of giving your people the opportunity to have a voice in the general assembly as a necessary feat.”

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