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Story 92

A gift for the man with everything

You arrive at the Kiln and find that the bald man is in his office in the rear of the Loan Shark’s business front. While waiting for admittance to his office, the crew that you know flies the Rep Omen are dragging a man with a disheveled and forlorn look. 

The door you’ve been standing outside of buzzes and softly clicks open. The bald man calls to your crew, “Enter.”

You walk in and see an impeccably dressed, broad shouldered, bald man sitting behind a beautiful carved wooden desk while scanning something on his tablet. As everyone from your crew finishes entering the office along with a small grav-sled holding a medium sized tree. The bald man sets down his tablet, “What can I help such renowned spacers as yourselves with?”

You nervously clear your throat, “Actually we came to make a tribute. We were on Aeon Station and saw something that you might appreciate and occasionally find useful.” You motion to the tree. “This is a carnivorous tree from a neighboring solar system.”

“Carnivorous?”, is his one word question.

“From what we understand, it is capable of eating a human sized creature but we’ve kept an electrostatic barrier around it to ensure that we didn’t test its ability.”

“That is a thoughtful gift”

You earn 2 fame points. Continue the rest of your turn.

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Story 91

A Strayon ambassador

The ship is a towering behemoth of metal and glass, an encapsulated city that houses the last remnants of your people. As you wend your way through the bustling corridors you feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Parliament on board this ship is minuscule compared to the large group of representatives that worked as government functionaries on your old home planet but the colony ship could only save so many and it became a meritocracy for who to save.

You can’t help but feel a sense of unease as you enter the Parliament chamber and take your seat at the front, facing rows of seats occupied by representatives from different sectors of the ship’s population. The chamber falls silent as all eyes turn to you, waiting for your address.

You begin with a simple “Thank you for gathering today,” but then you pause. The silence stretches on, causing murmurs to rise among the group and even your own team starts to shift uneasily in their seats. Finally you lean into your mic and clear your throat, “An ambassador from Tunow, a planet in a neighboring solar system, was meeting with us at Aeon Station. During the meeting, wanting to impress me and my crew, the ambassador started boasting. ‘Last week, I was on Doravin V. I met one of the all time greatest glocken athletes. The previous week, I was on Zhian Prime. I met the galaxy’s leading mathematician. The week before, I was on Kei. I shook hands with the most beautiful supermodel in the universe. A few days earlier, I was on Lunari. I had lunch with the most accomplished chef who ever lived. From there, I went to Ularos IX, where I got an autograph from the best composer I’ve ever heard!’

I nodded humbly and replied, ‘Yes, our leader has been traveling a lot recently.'”

The room laughed and you sat back more comfortably holding the mic in your hand.

“I want to remind all of you that we are a small colony now. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves from potential allies and friends. And who knows, maybe one day we will need their help.”

Silence falls over the chamber as everyone ponders your words. Finally, one representative stands up and speaks out.”Very well, I support sending an ambassador,” he announces firmly, “We need to consider the long-term benefits for our people.”

Slowly but surely, more voices join in and before you know it, the majority of the representatives are in support of your request.

Transport the Strayon ambassador to Aeon Station. The Scoundrel will specifically target your ship while the ambassador is on board. After arriving on Aeon with the ambassador, gain two fame points.

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Story 86

Beautiful Fabric

Next you decide to check out the booth with the interesting fabrics. The tentacled creature at the booth displaying mesmerizing fabrics that change color as air moves over them turns its attention to you as you approach. Its large, expressive eyes seem to scan your very soul, making you feel a bit uneasy yet intrigued at the same time. The creature extends a tentacle towards the nearest fabric, causing it to ripple and shift into a shimmering array of colors that dance in the station’s artificial light.

“Welcome, traveler,” it communicates in a melodic voice that echoes in your mind. “Are you drawn to the allure of our color-changing fabrics?”

You nod, unable to tear your gaze away from the hypnotic display before you. “They are truly remarkable. What are they made of?”

The tentacled creature swirls gracefully, its tentacles undulating in a mesmerizing pattern as it explains, “These fabrics are woven from strands of light-sensitive fibers harvested from the depths of the Luminous Nebula. They react to even the slightest change in air currents.

You run your hand over the fabric, feeling its smooth texture beneath your fingertips. The colors shift from deep blues to vibrant purples as you move, creating a dazzling display of hues that spark your imagination.

“How much for a bolt of this fabric?”

You end up haggling with the Cephalonox to come to a price of 2,000 credits per crate full of the fabric, and he has four crates that he would be willing to sell us. You know you can get double that price on Zhian Prime and if you sell them two or more crates of the fabric you can earn a fame point as well.

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Story 85


As you enter the booth with the small adorable looking creatures with brown fur and bushy tails, the furnishings in this booth seem to be better suited for various species on the station, including yourself, but the creatures move around quickly and leap from place to place. Then one of them begins to speak.

“Welcome to Squiros Limited, where we sell nuts, Stim, and other merchandise like this shirt that says ‘My friend visited Aeon Station and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’,” squeaks the rodent-like creature.

He speaks at a rapid pace, causing you to wonder if your universal translator is working properly. You start to tap the side of it to make sure it’s okay.

“It’s fine,” he assures you. “We just talk much faster than most other species on the station. Our bodies produce a chemical that makes us move quicker, which we have been able to replicate synthetically and we call it Stim.”

“Stim?”, you ask.

“Oh yes, it’s one of our best selling products. We sell it to a lot of different species and it usually helps them get a whole lot of work done in half the time, but then they crash and need to rest. Their bodies aren’t designed to handle it as well as ours do.”

“You said ‘usually’, what are the exceptions?”

The creature glances at another brown furred creature in the booth before continuing, “Some species are simply too slow to handle Stim like we do. For example, those large beasts with gray skin and flat teeth. They tried using Stim once and one of them had a seizure right in front of my booth. Needless to say, that was not a good day for sales. But you seem quick-minded; I’m sure you and your crew would handle Stim well. I can offer enough for everyone in your crew for 2,000 credits.”

If you purchase Stim, receive a silver and blue tablet with a hexagon engraved on it. It is a single use item, although you could purchase multiple doses at 2,000 credits each. When you declare that you and your crew are taking a ‘dose’ you may take two full turns in a row; however, during the following round your turn will be skipped. If there is an activity that is time sensitive you may count both turns as taking place in the same round.

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Story 84


The insectoid creatures eagerly show your engineer the purple colored crystals meant to enhance the ship’s blasters, chittering excitedly as they explain its properties. Your engineer’s eyes widen in understanding as they discuss potential modifications and improvements that could be made with this crystal. It seems like it might be a worthy investment, especially considering the recent encounters with hostile forces during your travels through charted and uncharted territories.

After some negotiations, you reach an agreement with the insectoids to purchase the crystals along with a set of schematics for implementing the baster mods. The price is 1,000 credits per crystal mod and it even looks like it would work with the piercer mod.

The mod extends the range of the blaster activation it sits on to a range of two. Do you purchase them, and if so, how many?

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Story 83

Soylent Green

The B’tor’s booth is a metallic kaleidoscope of flashing lights and softly humming machinery. One of them extends an upper arm and waves you towards a food molecular reorganizer. You can’t deny the appeal of being able to enjoy a variety of fresh, nutritious meals onboard your ship. However, the unsettling truth about the protein source gives you pause.

Speaking your language perfectly, without any help from a universal translator, she asks, “Why don’t you at least give it a try?”

The interface has an option for your language, so you key in a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate malt. In less than 5 minutes everything is ready and smells amazing. You get past your initial hesitancy and give it a try. It tastes great.

The B’tor continues, not only can it simulate nearly any food, but what you’re eating is actually nutritious. We may have faster than light travel and communication ansibles, but in many ways I consider this one of my people’s crowning achievements.

As you slurp from your chocolate malt, you really have to agree. You contemplate the moral dilemma of consuming something that contains a small percentage of protein derived from deceased B’tor, but the taste is so satisfying that you push those thoughts to the back of your mind.

“So how much are you asking?”

The male B’tor interjects, “2,000 credits and a couple of stands worth of slurry.”

“How about a stanyear’s worth of slurry and you install the machine?”

The male B’tor counters, “Six stands and we’ll install it in your ship’s galley.”

Do you accept the offer?

If you do, pay 2,000 credits and gain a fame point. The food molecular reorganizer does not take up any cargo space on your ship. You may also choose if you want to visit any other vendors in the flea market.

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Story 82

Carnivorous Tree

As you approach the booth being run by the feathered aliens, they turn to you with curious eyes. One of them whistles a melodious sound and your universal translator interprets it as “Greetings.” You can’t help but think that there might be something lost in translation there.

“Welcome, traveler!” the other alien chirps, its feathers rustling with excitement. “What can we offer you?”

“I’m interested in that carnivorous tree,” you say, gesturing towards the unique plant in the corner of their booth.

Ah, yes,” the other alien nods. “A rare find indeed!”

“And how much are you asking for it?” you inquire.

The feathered aliens exchange glances before speaking in unison. “2,000 credits.”

You know a bald man that runs the lower deck on the Kiln would appreciate and find uses for a carnivorous tree.

If you purchase this tree and take it to the Kiln, read/listen to Story 92.

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Story 79

Maybe we can learn their weaknesses

You and your crew land on Ularos IX. You use your influence as a renowned spacer to gain admittance to the Ministerial Den and see the Great Pack, the name given to the council that leads your people. As you enter the council chamber a voice booms from all directions, “Greetings, we have been expecting you.”

You recognize this as the voice of Xixar, leader of the Ilex council. “We thank you for agreeing to meet with us.” you reply respectfully. “We come with an offer for an Ilex to become an ambassador on Aeon Station.”

You see Xixar standing at his table within the council room palms down as he leans over a microphone, “An interesting proposal indeed, and why do you think we should send an ambassador?”

Some of the other members of the Great Pack lean forward in their seats as they focus on you awaiting to see what your answer will be.

“We believe that having an Ilex ambassador on Aeon Station will grant us valuable insight into the affairs of the Drift System and beyond,” you state confidently, meeting the gaze of several pack members. “Our presence in such a diverse and intricate network of species could open new avenues of trade, knowledge, and alliances that would benefit our people greatly.”

One of the other council members leans into his mic, “It may also give us the opportunity to see who is weak enough for us to conquer, making it easier for us to continue expanding our empire across various solar systems.”

Clearly, this was the carrot that was needed to get the Ilex on board as the council room suddenly seems more animated. You certainly owe Pack Member Greyvel some blood wine to thank him for the comment. The discussion within the council room continues for an extended period of time and eventually you are tasked with flying an ambassador to Aeon Station.

If the Avenger NPC has not yet spawned, please spawn it now and it has a singular purpose of trying to blow you up as you try to take an ambassador to Aeon Station. If you successfully get the Ambassador to Aeon, receive two fame points.

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Story 78

An old Scoundrel

When landing in the capital city of Loath, you don’t find yourself going to any of the official buildings, instead you find yourself in a darkened bar sitting across from Noonien, one of the few remaining architects of a free Loath.

“A hundred years ago, it seemed like a daring plan to overthrow the King while he was visiting our colony. It caught our oppressors off guard and over the years we’ve achieved both great and terrible things as we’ve expanded our Axis to include Kei and Smuggler’s Den. But now, I feel like all I have left are my memories.”

You interject at this moment, “What if we had something new in mind for you?”

“What could an old man like me possibly offer?”

“How about becoming an ambassador for the Outlaw Planets on Aeon Station.” You continue to outline your experiences on Aeon.

“Endlessly droning on with hand puppets representing every sentient species from neighboring solar systems sounds awful.”

“Ahh, but someone like you could shake things up. You could demand reparations from the Lawful Planets while on an intergalactic stage. You could seek out new alliance that would benefit our long-term security. You could learn if there are planets in other solar systems that could join our Axis one way or another.”

Noonien looks at you with a glint in his one good eye, “I like the twisted way you think. Take me to Aeon so I can bully some weak minded diplomats into doing our bidding.”

Transport Noonien to Aeon Station. The Enforcer will specifically target your ship while Noonien is on board. After arriving on Aeon with Noonien, gain two fame points.

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Story 77

Ambassador Elvis

As you exit your vessel onto Kemplar II, a group of individuals dressed in ceremonial royal guard garb greet you. They lead you inside to meet with King Elvis. The moment you enter the throne room, you are struck by its extravagance. Elvis is clad in glittering white robes adorned with rhinestones, and his striking blue gaze immediately meets yours. He sits upon a throne encrusted with shimmering gemstones that catch the gentle lighting.

Elvis gets up from his throne and meets you in the center of the room. “You’re here just in time to take a meal with me. Please join me as I have kept my old robotic butler on as my head chef. He was made aware that you would be joining us, so he has already prepared enough food for everyone.”

You follow the King into the dining room and laid out on the table are a number of platters with interesting aromas wafting from them. Some of which you can identify, but others are new to you. The robotic butler named Austin, begins removing the silver domed lids from everything and names each of the dishes as he goes along.

He lifts the covers off the first two dishes, “For appetizers we have fried dill pickles, and barbecue chicken bites wrapped in bacon.” He opens the next two dishes, “Our sides consist of, mashed potatoes and a triple bean bake.” With a flourish he removes the lid from the last platter, “And our main dish tonight is one of the King’s favorites, meatloaf topped with bacon.” Austin continues, “While everyone gets seated, may I offer anyone a sweet tea?”

Everyone from your crew and the King have a great time telling stories and swapping jokes throughout the meal. Eventually, Austin clears the table and brings everyone coffee and chocolate chip oat cookies. You notice but choose not to comment on the strange way Elvis drinks his coffee from the edge of the cup that is directly above the mug’s handle.

You start to address Elvis as “Your excellency…” but you’re interrupted when his guards suddenly collapse and a group of five ninjas barge in. You get ready to defend yourself, but before you can move, Elvis and Austin spring into action, showcasing impressive fighting skills that surprise you.

The ninjas are quick and skilled, but Elvis and Austin move with an agility and precision that is astonishing. The King is a blur of motion, his rhinestone-covered robes swirling around him as he strikes back at their attackers. Austin, the robotic butler, moves with a fluidity that belies his mechanical nature, his metal limbs darting out to block blows and deliver counterattacks with deadly accuracy.

In the chaos of the fight, you find yourself back to back with Elvis, fending off the ninjas together. Despite the gravity of the situation, you can’t help but be impressed by the King’s combat prowess. As you work in tandem to take down the assailants, Elvis grins at you, his blue eyes shining with excitement.

After a few intense minutes, the last ninja falls to the ground defeated. You catch your breath, adrenaline still coursing through your veins as you survey the scene. Elvis dusts himself off and walks over to you, a wide smile creasing his face.

All you can manage to say is, “That was amazing!”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”, is the King’s response. He turns to you with a serious expression. “But, you didn’t just come here to eat meatloaf and fight ninjas, what is the real reason for your visit?”

“Despite attacks on your personage, your duties here are really just ceremonial. However, you are a symbol of the Lawful Planets. If you were an ambassador on Aeon Station your innate charisma could give our planets a greater voice in intergalactic affairs.”

Elvis nods and you and your crew continue your conversation with the King. Clearly Elvis is sold on the plan. You and the King make plans for him and Austin to fly to Aeon Station on the TCB (Elvis’s ship). When flying towards Aeon Station he will become the primary target of the Scoundrel. If the Scoundrel successfully attacks the TCB, Elvis will feel that it is necessary to blow up the Scoundrel prior to completing his flight to Aeon. You may consider giving him help if that occurs. Once Elvis arrives at Aeon, you gain two Fame Points.