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Story 75

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Convince the Strayons to take a seat at the table

While talking with Ambassador Tazik you eventually find yourself in a more secluded area on Aeon Station and there in front of you is a transparent steel window overlooking Planet 0. The view is breathtaking, and the Ambassador allows you a moment to appreciate the sight before addressing you.

“It’s almost transcendent,” he says, “to witness such a beautiful and vibrant planet surrounded by the bleakness of space. Many of our home worlds were once this pristine, but over time we have slowly destroyed them through war and exploitation. Few within our general assembly have done better. This particular planet has the strange occurrence that many nearly identical planets have been seen across the cosmos. Unlike other planets similar to Planet 0, this planet has not yet been dominated by any sentient species that would strip it of its resources and beauty. The general assembly has chosen to protect this planet and has placed a shield around it in an attempt to prevent others from despoiling it.”

You nod, understanding the Ambassador’s intention to emotionally connect with you before making his request. You also can’t help but have a sense of familiarity as you view a planet so alike to the one your people had fled from due to disaster.

“So what do you want from me and my people?”

The Ambassador grins, revealing large flat teeth. “We are asking for your government to send an ambassador to join us on Aeon Station. Some opposed your inclusion in our general assembly due to your lack of a homeworld for many years. However, after much debate, it was decided that having your species’ perspective on matters concerning the Drift System and nearby solar systems would be valuable, especially since you are establishing a new home within the Drift System.”

If you choose to try and convince the Strayons to send an ambassador to Aeon Station, fly to the Strayos Colony Ship and listen/read Story 91.