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Story 82

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Carnivorous Tree

As you approach the booth being run by the feathered aliens, they turn to you with curious eyes. One of them whistles a melodious sound and your universal translator interprets it as “Greetings.” You can’t help but think that there might be something lost in translation there.

“Welcome, traveler!” the other alien chirps, its feathers rustling with excitement. “What can we offer you?”

“I’m interested in that carnivorous tree,” you say, gesturing towards the unique plant in the corner of their booth.

Ah, yes,” the other alien nods. “A rare find indeed!”

“And how much are you asking for it?” you inquire.

The feathered aliens exchange glances before speaking in unison. “2,000 credits.”

You know a bald man that runs the lower deck on the Kiln would appreciate and find uses for a carnivorous tree.

If you purchase this tree and take it to the Kiln, read/listen to Story 92.