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Story 87

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The HAL Data

As soon as you arrive on Lunari, you start scouring through all the data archives. However, each one seems to be missing crucial pages of information about the patents and there is no trace of any source code either. You come to the conclusion that your best bet is to locate their old factory and search for answers there instead. However, when you look into the whereabouts of the factory, you discover that it has not been sold or demolished like you expected. Instead, a trust fund has been set up to cover its property taxes indefinitely. This is a new concept to you, but it means that the building still stands.

You arrive at HAL industries and see that the once-bustling factory now stands silent and abandoned. As you cautiously step inside, you are greeted by a wave of dust and debris that dances in the sunlight filtering through the broken windows. The air is thick with the scent of rust and neglect, a stark contrast to the cutting-edge technology that once thrived within these walls.

You make your way through the maze of deserted corridors, passing by remnants of robotic prototypes and discarded circuit boards. It’s clear that this place was once a hub of innovation and progress, but now it lies frozen in time, a relic of a bygone era.

Draw 3 mission cards and if three of them are blue read/listen to Story 93. If less than three of them are blue, keep track of how many you have acquired. You must gain three of them before moving on to Story 93. If you have successfully completed any Research Missions or Detective Missions, you may immediately draw three more cards for each one that you have successfully completed. If need be, next round you may draw three additional cards and add the number of blue colored Mission cards to your total.