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Story 86

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Beautiful Fabric

Next you decide to check out the booth with the interesting fabrics. The tentacled creature at the booth displaying mesmerizing fabrics that change color as air moves over them turns its attention to you as you approach. Its large, expressive eyes seem to scan your very soul, making you feel a bit uneasy yet intrigued at the same time. The creature extends a tentacle towards the nearest fabric, causing it to ripple and shift into a shimmering array of colors that dance in the station’s artificial light.

“Welcome, traveler,” it communicates in a melodic voice that echoes in your mind. “Are you drawn to the allure of our color-changing fabrics?”

You nod, unable to tear your gaze away from the hypnotic display before you. “They are truly remarkable. What are they made of?”

The tentacled creature swirls gracefully, its tentacles undulating in a mesmerizing pattern as it explains, “These fabrics are woven from strands of light-sensitive fibers harvested from the depths of the Luminous Nebula. They react to even the slightest change in air currents.

You run your hand over the fabric, feeling its smooth texture beneath your fingertips. The colors shift from deep blues to vibrant purples as you move, creating a dazzling display of hues that spark your imagination.

“How much for a bolt of this fabric?”

You end up haggling with the Cephalonox to come to a price of 2,000 credits per crate full of the fabric, and he has four crates that he would be willing to sell us. You know you can get double that price on Zhian Prime and if you sell them two or more crates of the fabric you can earn a fame point as well.