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Story 91

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A Strayon ambassador

The ship is a towering behemoth of metal and glass, an encapsulated city that houses the last remnants of your people. As you wend your way through the bustling corridors you feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Parliament on board this ship is minuscule compared to the large group of representatives that worked as government functionaries on your old home planet but the colony ship could only save so many and it became a meritocracy for who to save.

You can’t help but feel a sense of unease as you enter the Parliament chamber and take your seat at the front, facing rows of seats occupied by representatives from different sectors of the ship’s population. The chamber falls silent as all eyes turn to you, waiting for your address.

You begin with a simple “Thank you for gathering today,” but then you pause. The silence stretches on, causing murmurs to rise among the group and even your own team starts to shift uneasily in their seats. Finally you lean into your mic and clear your throat, “An ambassador from Tunow, a planet in a neighboring solar system, was meeting with us at Aeon Station. During the meeting, wanting to impress me and my crew, the ambassador started boasting. ‘Last week, I was on Doravin V. I met one of the all time greatest glocken athletes. The previous week, I was on Zhian Prime. I met the galaxy’s leading mathematician. The week before, I was on Kei. I shook hands with the most beautiful supermodel in the universe. A few days earlier, I was on Lunari. I had lunch with the most accomplished chef who ever lived. From there, I went to Ularos IX, where I got an autograph from the best composer I’ve ever heard!’

I nodded humbly and replied, ‘Yes, our leader has been traveling a lot recently.'”

The room laughed and you sat back more comfortably holding the mic in your hand.

“I want to remind all of you that we are a small colony now. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves from potential allies and friends. And who knows, maybe one day we will need their help.”

Silence falls over the chamber as everyone ponders your words. Finally, one representative stands up and speaks out.”Very well, I support sending an ambassador,” he announces firmly, “We need to consider the long-term benefits for our people.”

Slowly but surely, more voices join in and before you know it, the majority of the representatives are in support of your request.

Transport the Strayon ambassador to Aeon Station. The Scoundrel will specifically target your ship while the ambassador is on board. After arriving on Aeon with the ambassador, gain two fame points.