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Story 77

Ambassador Elvis

As you exit your vessel onto Kemplar II, a group of individuals dressed in ceremonial royal guard garb greet you. They lead you inside to meet with King Elvis. The moment you enter the throne room, you are struck by its extravagance. Elvis is clad in glittering white robes adorned with rhinestones, and his striking blue gaze immediately meets yours. He sits upon a throne encrusted with shimmering gemstones that catch the gentle lighting.

Elvis gets up from his throne and meets you in the center of the room. “You’re here just in time to take a meal with me. Please join me as I have kept my old robotic butler on as my head chef. He was made aware that you would be joining us, so he has already prepared enough food for everyone.”

You follow the King into the dining room and laid out on the table are a number of platters with interesting aromas wafting from them. Some of which you can identify, but others are new to you. The robotic butler named Austin, begins removing the silver domed lids from everything and names each of the dishes as he goes along.

He lifts the covers off the first two dishes, “For appetizers we have fried dill pickles, and barbecue chicken bites wrapped in bacon.” He opens the next two dishes, “Our sides consist of, mashed potatoes and a triple bean bake.” With a flourish he removes the lid from the last platter, “And our main dish tonight is one of the King’s favorites, meatloaf topped with bacon.” Austin continues, “While everyone gets seated, may I offer anyone a sweet tea?”

Everyone from your crew and the King have a great time telling stories and swapping jokes throughout the meal. Eventually, Austin clears the table and brings everyone coffee and chocolate chip oat cookies. You notice but choose not to comment on the strange way Elvis drinks his coffee from the edge of the cup that is directly above the mug’s handle.

You start to address Elvis as “Your excellency…” but you’re interrupted when his guards suddenly collapse and a group of five ninjas barge in. You get ready to defend yourself, but before you can move, Elvis and Austin spring into action, showcasing impressive fighting skills that surprise you.

The ninjas are quick and skilled, but Elvis and Austin move with an agility and precision that is astonishing. The King is a blur of motion, his rhinestone-covered robes swirling around him as he strikes back at their attackers. Austin, the robotic butler, moves with a fluidity that belies his mechanical nature, his metal limbs darting out to block blows and deliver counterattacks with deadly accuracy.

In the chaos of the fight, you find yourself back to back with Elvis, fending off the ninjas together. Despite the gravity of the situation, you can’t help but be impressed by the King’s combat prowess. As you work in tandem to take down the assailants, Elvis grins at you, his blue eyes shining with excitement.

After a few intense minutes, the last ninja falls to the ground defeated. You catch your breath, adrenaline still coursing through your veins as you survey the scene. Elvis dusts himself off and walks over to you, a wide smile creasing his face.

All you can manage to say is, “That was amazing!”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”, is the King’s response. He turns to you with a serious expression. “But, you didn’t just come here to eat meatloaf and fight ninjas, what is the real reason for your visit?”

“Despite attacks on your personage, your duties here are really just ceremonial. However, you are a symbol of the Lawful Planets. If you were an ambassador on Aeon Station your innate charisma could give our planets a greater voice in intergalactic affairs.”

Elvis nods and you and your crew continue your conversation with the King. Clearly Elvis is sold on the plan. You and the King make plans for him and Austin to fly to Aeon Station on the TCB (Elvis’s ship). When flying towards Aeon Station he will become the primary target of the Scoundrel. If the Scoundrel successfully attacks the TCB, Elvis will feel that it is necessary to blow up the Scoundrel prior to completing his flight to Aeon. You may consider giving him help if that occurs. Once Elvis arrives at Aeon, you gain two Fame Points.

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Story 72

Convince Kemplar II to take a seat at the table

While talking with Ambassador Tazik you eventually find yourself in a more secluded area on Aeon Station and there in front of you is a transparent steel window overlooking Planet 0. The view is breathtaking, and the Ambassador allows you a moment to take it in before speaking.

“It’s almost transcendent,” he says, “seeing such a beautiful and vibrant planet surrounded by the bleakness of space. Many of our home worlds were once this pristine, but over time we have slowly destroyed them through war and exploitation. Few within our general assembly have done better. This particular planet has the strange occurrence that many nearly identical planets have been seen across the cosmos. Your recently returned king lived on one such planet that was simply named Earth. Unlike other planets similar to Planet 0, this planet has not yet been dominated by any sentient species that would strip it of its resources and beauty. The general assembly has chosen to protect this planet and has placed a shield around it in an attempt to prevent others from despoiling it.”

You nod, understanding the Ambassador’s aim in trying to emotionally connect with you before making his request. “So what exactly do you want from me and my crew?”

“I’ve heard that you and your crew appreciate directness,” the Ambassador replies. “We are asking for your government to also send an ambassador to join us on Aeon Station. As your planet has had a troubled history with Loath and its prisoners, some oppose your inclusion in our general assembly. However, after much debate, it was decided that having your people’s input on matters concerning the Drift System and nearby solar systems would be beneficial.”

If you choose to try and convince the Lawful planets to send an ambassador to Aeon Station, fly to the Mission Point on Kemplar II and listen/read Story 77.

If you choose not to facilitate finding an ambassador from your people, this story line ends here.

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Story 39

‘Yes’ to the King

Who could pass up a chance to see that classic ship, have a couple of drinks, and hang out with someone while they tell old stories and play some music! Clearly, this guy knows how to Rock!

You’ve made your way across your inter-ship docking tube and are starting to get a  little anxious while waiting for the airlock to finish cycling when it stops and pops open. You’re not sure what you expected to see when you first entered, but this was not it. The floor and ceiling are both covered in green shag carpeting with deep piles, and dark wood everywhere from the wood paneling to the ceiling cross beams, to the arms of the furniture which happens to be carved in the shapes of animals. All over the walls are paintings on black velvet canvases. In the far corner you see a tiki bar being ‘manned’ by what looks like a robotic butler. 

The robot speaks up, “Don’t worry, Elvis has NOT left the building, he simply needed to visit the powder room.”

As if on cue, you hear a toilet flush in the next room followed by the brief sound of running water. Out of the double ‘R’ steps your host for the evening. 

“Hey Austin, offer our guests some refreshments and make everyone some peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches.”

“As you wish, sir.”

“Austin is probably the best robotic butler and karate sparring partner in the galaxy.”

“Thank you sir.”

You spend an unexpectedly unique evening with the King where he tells you how he spent most of the past century. He tells you that he originally fled the Drift System when he was visiting the prison colony on Loath. Loath had just placed a group of their most hardened criminals on a cryoship and launched them. Elvis was there for PR, and even back then his monarchy had no real authority but only had diplomatic and ceremonial responsibilities. He decided to play ‘Jailhouse Rock’ for the guards and prisoners when a riot broke out and his honor guard barely got him out alive and sent him to a planetary system located in an outer spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It took him a while to gather the necessary resources to come back. In the interceding years, planet Earth also made him an honorary king. 

As the evening wraps up, he ends it with a gift giving you some black velvet paintings for you to decorate your ship with as well. (1 Fame Point)

Retrieve The King NPC card and have the ship start wending its way to Kemplar II.

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Story 38

‘No’ to the King

You and your crew have work to do and hanging out with an old guy that clearly dyes his hair with shoe polish doesn’t seem like the best use of your time.

When you decline, the guitar playing geezer looks sad, but simply responds, “I understand, you’ve got to TCB baby.” 

Retrieve The King NPC card and have the ship start wending its way to Kemplar II.

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Story 7

Hail from the King

An old classic ship in cherry condition flying in from a distance with a brass colored undercarriage, large gun metal black barrels attached to beautifully curved wings, a red paint job that just makes the ship look fast and completely unnecessary fins that your grandpa would have loved. Then a hail comes in on an old frequency that you didn’t even realize was supported by your comm system. Without even thinking your comm officer accepts the hail. Appearing on your screen is a man with black hair and sideburns wearing sunglasses and a white jumpsuit covered in rhinestones. Most interesting is that he is holding a guitar.

“Thank you, thank you very much for accepting my hail. I would like to invite you over to swap stories about the past century and maybe you could enjoy a couple drinks at my wet bar while I strum out a couple of chords on my old ‘63 Gibson.”

No: Proceed to Story 38.

Yes: Proceed to Story 39.