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How come there aren’t any knock-knock jokes about America?

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Because freedom rings.

Did you hear the joke about the Liberty Bell?
It cracked me up!

If you recall, I had a whole series of jokes about snowmen back in December and it made me wonder, “What do you call a snowman on the Fourth of July?”
A puddle.

So as Shannon and I just finished celebrating our Interdependence Day as June 28th marked our 16th wedding anniversary. We now need to switch gears as we rapidly prepare for Independence Day!

We are going to have food on the grill including our famous hamburgers, hot dogs, kielbasa, and more. We are getting our 99 year old fountain heads working again, and we are just getting ready to launch a whole bunch of items that you can only get at Lost and Found thanks to our new 3D printer.

Another big announcement, Xanax has passed her last exam to officially be a therapy dog. Therapy Dog International will be sending all the corresponding licenses and paraphernalia shortly, but in the meantime feel free to come in and visit our over educated and under paid puppy.

We also want to mention our upcoming craft show and raffle. August 19th is the craft show and when it is when raffle basket event begins. We also just got final confirmation today that there will be a matching grant for our basket raffle, which is fantastic as it is already our big Summer fundraiser. If you would be willing to donate a basket for the raffle, please bring it in between August 13th and August 19th.

We should probably mention some of the other activities coming up in the not too distant future:

  • Tuesday, July 4th, 11AM – 5PM, Independence Day Cookout ~ We are getting ready for another Summer cookout. Our menu for the day is now available.
  • Friday, July 7th, 6:30ish – 9ish, Board Game Night, This is an opportunity to come and play some board games and just hang out. Last week we had a bunch of different games going on including Dominion, Spirit Island, Tiny Epic Dungeons, Above and Below, and Machi Koro.
  • Saturday, July 8th, 1PM – 3PM, Tech Help (the group formerly known as Old Men That Sit Around and Talk About Computers) ~ This group meets every Saturday to help others with their tech problems and/or talk about trending technology. We have solved a lot of computer problems for various platforms and devices including phones, smart watches, digital cameras, 3D printers, and we have helped people with numerous software problems ranging from laptop and cell phone apps to even things like Apple Car Play. If you got a new (or problematic) device, bring it in and we can help you set it up. We are also going to start offering classes on everything from how to make your cellphone easier to use, to 3D printing, to flying drones, cord cutting, etc. Let us know what topics you’re interested in and we’ll put together information on that.
  • Saturday, July 8th, 7PM – 8:30PM, Bereans Group ~ This group, which is open to the public, is discussing the question, “Are there different levels of sin?”.
  • Tuesday, July 11th, 7PM – 8:30PM, Bible Study ~ We are studying the Book of Exodus.
  • Wednesday, July 19th, 5PM – 7PM, Casablanca ~ July’s movie is is a true silver screen classic from 1942, shortly before we entered the second world war. Join Humphrey Bogart as he says, “Play it again Sam.”

  • Saturday, August 19th, 9AM – 2PM, Fourth Annual Craft Show ~ This year’s craft show will have lots of activities, grilled foods, raffle baskets, and more! This is our big Summer fundraiser, so stop in and check things out. More details will be made available soon. You may register here or at our store.

As we’ve recently started selling board games at Lost and Found, I decided to highlight a game called Dominion.

In Dominion, you are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn’t be proud, but your grandparents, on your mother’s side, would be delighted.”

This is a game with a lot of expansions creating a lot of variety and complexity for every game. I love this game so much, the the picture for this week’s game come from an expansion that I marginally helped with, (i.e., rules). I did print a really cool 3D box for my own copy of this fan made delight.

Now for the part everyone always asks about, the actual food! Our soup is our hash brown potato soup, our sandwich is a Reuben! Our specialty ice creams are Banana Pudding and Coconut ice cream. Our current specialty waffle is a delicious blueberry waffle.

Thanks and God bless,

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