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Story 26

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You’ve looked at a lot of star charts before and you’re a pretty good student of history. You are nearly positive that you’ve seen a picture of that planet before and it wasn’t anywhere near the Drift System. This planet is completely surrounded by a shield without an entrance and your scanners do not pick up any kind of industrialization other than a shield generator and a data beacon.

The space station orbiting this planet is of an unfamiliar design, but you have an incoming hail.

“This is Aeon Station orbiting Planet 0. We would like to invite you to dock so we can properly introduce ourselves to you. We could even tractor you into our docking bay if you would like.”

Do you accept the offer and dock with Aeon Station.

  • If you do, read/listen to Story 66.
  • If you don’t continue with the rest of your turn and never learn about their offer.