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Story 78

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An old Scoundrel

When landing in the capital city of Loath, you don’t find yourself going to any of the official buildings, instead you find yourself in a darkened bar sitting across from Noonien, one of the few remaining architects of a free Loath.

“A hundred years ago, it seemed like a daring plan to overthrow the King while he was visiting our colony. It caught our oppressors off guard and over the years we’ve achieved both great and terrible things as we’ve expanded our Axis to include Kei and Smuggler’s Den. But now, I feel like all I have left are my memories.”

You interject at this moment, “What if we had something new in mind for you?”

“What could an old man like me possibly offer?”

“How about becoming an ambassador for the Outlaw Planets on Aeon Station.” You continue to outline your experiences on Aeon.

“Endlessly droning on with hand puppets representing every sentient species from neighboring solar systems sounds awful.”

“Ahh, but someone like you could shake things up. You could demand reparations from the Lawful Planets while on an intergalactic stage. You could seek out new alliance that would benefit our long-term security. You could learn if there are planets in other solar systems that could join our Axis one way or another.”

Noonien looks at you with a glint in his one good eye, “I like the twisted way you think. Take me to Aeon so I can bully some weak minded diplomats into doing our bidding.”

Transport Noonien to Aeon Station. The Enforcer will specifically target your ship while Noonien is on board. After arriving on Aeon with Noonien, gain two fame points.