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Story 79

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Maybe we can learn their weaknesses

You and your crew land on Ularos IX. You use your influence as a renowned spacer to gain admittance to the Ministerial Den and see the Great Pack, the name given to the council that leads your people. As you enter the council chamber a voice booms from all directions, “Greetings, we have been expecting you.”

You recognize this as the voice of Xixar, leader of the Ilex council. “We thank you for agreeing to meet with us.” you reply respectfully. “We come with an offer for an Ilex to become an ambassador on Aeon Station.”

You see Xixar standing at his table within the council room palms down as he leans over a microphone, “An interesting proposal indeed, and why do you think we should send an ambassador?”

Some of the other members of the Great Pack lean forward in their seats as they focus on you awaiting to see what your answer will be.

“We believe that having an Ilex ambassador on Aeon Station will grant us valuable insight into the affairs of the Drift System and beyond,” you state confidently, meeting the gaze of several pack members. “Our presence in such a diverse and intricate network of species could open new avenues of trade, knowledge, and alliances that would benefit our people greatly.”

One of the other council members leans into his mic, “It may also give us the opportunity to see who is weak enough for us to conquer, making it easier for us to continue expanding our empire across various solar systems.”

Clearly, this was the carrot that was needed to get the Ilex on board as the council room suddenly seems more animated. You certainly owe Pack Member Greyvel some blood wine to thank him for the comment. The discussion within the council room continues for an extended period of time and eventually you are tasked with flying an ambassador to Aeon Station.

If the Avenger NPC has not yet spawned, please spawn it now and it has a singular purpose of trying to blow you up as you try to take an ambassador to Aeon Station. If you successfully get the Ambassador to Aeon, receive two fame points.