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Story 85

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As you enter the booth with the small adorable looking creatures with brown fur and bushy tails, the furnishings in this booth seem to be better suited for various species on the station, including yourself, but the creatures move around quickly and leap from place to place. Then one of them begins to speak.

“Welcome to Squiros Limited, where we sell nuts, Stim, and other merchandise like this shirt that says ‘My friend visited Aeon Station and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’,” squeaks the rodent-like creature.

He speaks at a rapid pace, causing you to wonder if your universal translator is working properly. You start to tap the side of it to make sure it’s okay.

“It’s fine,” he assures you. “We just talk much faster than most other species on the station. Our bodies produce a chemical that makes us move quicker, which we have been able to replicate synthetically and we call it Stim.”

“Stim?”, you ask.

“Oh yes, it’s one of our best selling products. We sell it to a lot of different species and it usually helps them get a whole lot of work done in half the time, but then they crash and need to rest. Their bodies aren’t designed to handle it as well as ours do.”

“You said ‘usually’, what are the exceptions?”

The creature glances at another brown furred creature in the booth before continuing, “Some species are simply too slow to handle Stim like we do. For example, those large beasts with gray skin and flat teeth. They tried using Stim once and one of them had a seizure right in front of my booth. Needless to say, that was not a good day for sales. But you seem quick-minded; I’m sure you and your crew would handle Stim well. I can offer enough for everyone in your crew for 2,000 credits.”

If you purchase Stim, receive a silver and blue tablet with a hexagon engraved on it. It is a single use item, although you could purchase multiple doses at 2,000 credits each. When you declare that you and your crew are taking a ‘dose’ you may take two full turns in a row; however, during the following round your turn will be skipped. If there is an activity that is time sensitive you may count both turns as taking place in the same round.